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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Honestly I am the first one to despise and eventually laugh whenever I see cars with covers. I even started a private joke among my friends, saying something like, the car won't catch a cold because it's covered all over. Little did I know that these car covers are actually very helpful. It can protect our cars from dust, scratches uv rays from the sun, fading, and even theft. I know I'm being stupid, but hey I learned my lesson. Quite sad though, because I had to wait for something to happen. I am quite fond of parking my car outside the house, and at that time there was a construction of a building going on. My car was covered with dust, and guess what? There was a little kid who turned my car into a blackboard and started writing. And what do you know? I was like grrrr! From then on I started putting Weathershield Car Cover. I actually like this one for a number of reasons. It's water resistant, it dries quickly, UV Resistant, dust proof and best of all it packs small and light. I can bring it anywhere with me. How about you? Do you cover your cars?


Peta Harrison 12:01 AM  

You give me wonderful information about car covers. thanks alot..

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