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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

At first I did not totally understand my friend when she said she had to leave her car in the parking lot to take the train to get to her office. I was like why are you doing that? Is there no parking space allotted for employees? Or couldn't you find parking somewhere near your office? She said there are, provided you come early. And if ever you find one, it's like paying for a piece of gold. That's the way in San Francisco, New York and even in London. So now I understand why people look for a London Garage for Rent. And I understand too that houses or flats in London do not really have a garage, I read that in a book. They also face the same problem, like my friend. They'd rather rent a parking space, so that anytime they get in, there's always a space for their vehicles. And I heard too that it would be a lot cheaper if they rent the garage on a long term basis, rather than paying on a day to day basis. Yeah come to think of it, it's best to have a permanent space to park your cars. Imagine yourself on the go every time, like do a client call somewhere, then go back to the office. How much parking fee are you going to spend in a day? Plus of course you are not sure if there are still available spaces when you get back? But when you rent your own parking slot, it will save you a lot of hassle. Come on, think it over!


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