Affordable Paris Accommodations

Friday, April 04, 2008

Her aunt promised to bring Ish to Paris. Yeah I know she is very lucky. They were suppose to go this summer but some things came up. Good thing plans changed because if not, things would be done last minute. It's nice to travel when everything is planned. If their plans pushed through, I know they will be staying in some hotel which will really charge high. Good enough it didn't materialize. Now I can suggest a few things to them. I will show them this website where they can book their stay. Maybe it would be nice if they can stay at this Paris bed and breakfast which is managed by a local. Wow this would mean a more personalized service. I heard too that the best tourist guides are the locals. Now if you are not comfortable staying in quite a smaller place, here is a list of Paris Hotels. The prices are quite affordable in my opinion. Oh you better be the one to take a look at the list so you can pick which Hotel Paris suits you and your budget.


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