Purity Ring

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

One afternoon my daughter showed me this site in her iPhone, "Mom, this is what I want you and Dad to give me on my 15th birthday". And what is that? "It's a purity ring Mom." And what is a purity ring? "It's a ring you wear with a promise that you're not gonna do it." I was really rejoicing upon hearing it. Who wouldn't be, I mean it came from her and that means she is aware that she's not suppose to do it until she gets married. That was actually a load off my back because nowadays it's kinda hard to communicate with kids. And here is my daughter at age 14 already aware of the pressures surrounding her. Honestly I was quite surprised when she told me this, suprised in the sense that at quite an early age she already thought of it. I pray that she will continue being what she is now, aware of her role as a christian.

More on purity rings at purityrings.com.

*Note: That is the ring I want to get her.*


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