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Monday, July 07, 2008

I am now getting more conscious when it comes to the products I use. In the past, I have not really been reading the descriptions found in labels, but now I do. I don't mind spending more time reading what's written on the labels just to make sure that as much as possible I am not using products that contain harmful chemicals.

I've been spending time in the internet too looking for products that are all natural. Good thing I came across this natural acne treatment which I can use. I know, at my age I shouldn't be having zits or acne at that, but yes I still do get it.


Optima Innovations 1:07 PM  

Hi, I recently visited Malaysia which is such a beautiful country. I’ve been having sensitive oily skin which resulted in acne all over my face ever since I was a teenager and no matter what I did to my face, nothing seemed to help at all. Imagine my surprise when I chanced upon Rosa T and gave it a go. I could see immediate improvements within days of usage. Never have I been so satisfied or amazed by any beauty products before! Before I left for England, I purchased as much as my luggage could carry. I recommend anyone with sensitive skin and acne problem to try Rosa T. It can be purchased online nowadays at

Thank you

shazi, England

sharp mind 2:20 AM  

Some hard and true facts about scars. Scars occur when the thick layer of our skin (the dermis layer) is damaged. However, scars need not be permanent. Research has confirmed that the MOST EFFECTIVE way to reduce scar is actually applying CONCENTRATED Vitamin E to the skin to increase collagen and nourish the skin.

Using other methods eg. Chemicals, surgery and others do not work. Those may seem faster BUT short term solutions with lots of side effects!!! Try and GET hold of some serum with very very high concentrated Vitamin E. Doesn't matter which brand as long as it contains natural Vitamin E. Most products will not have high Vitamin E because the ingredient is expensive.

If you need a suggestion, one product I tried recently that works is Natur E which you can find at Let me know if it does work for you.

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