Are You Ready to Celebrate?

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Who's reading for the Christmas Eve celebration? I am not yet that ready since I need to prepare a lot more stuff for our "noche buena". I didn't prepare much this time, I think we're just having ham, 3 kinds of cheeses, some red wine, baked chicken wings and baked macaroni and grapes. That is not much, considering we had a lot last year. Well I learned my lesson, we don't get to finish everything that we prepared. I haven't finished baking banana pineapple bread to be given away. I've done 6 so far, and need to do 10 more. I will be making it in a little while and hopefully be able to finish it before tomorrow. Good I'm done with shopping, I was out yesterday and the mall was just full. You can barely move. It's been this way all these years, and seems like everyone didn't learn their lesson, me included...bleh.


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