Not So Typical Sunday

Monday, April 19, 2010

Typical is that we attended the church service. I was glad we did. We were challenged to give, not just give because we are obliged to do so. It's not in the amount really but did you know that God is more concerned with how you feel about giving?

Typical is that we had lunch over at Mom's. As usual food was superb, nothing fancy but very filling. I had my veggie fix which I look forward to every Sunday we have lunch at Mom's. I missed Mom, we didn't visit her for two weeks since we were out on vacation. I miss the laughs and I am looking forward to never ending laughs when my sisters from the US get here. I wish I can stay with them during the duration of their stay, but, but I have a family to take care of. I'll just go and visit whenever I can.

Not so typical because instead of having dinner at the in-laws we ate at Thousand Cranes at Trinoma. Kuya A arrived from the US and the family treated him out for dinner. Another not so typical is the fact that we watched a movie (LFS) after dinner. Kick-Ass was fun, someone let out a scared shout (epic fail) in one of the scenes which I really didn't understand because nothing was scary about the movie. Probably too excited and got the house down.


KC 7:36 PM  

LOL about the person who shouted. hahaha!

HiPnCooLMoMMa 11:11 PM  

epic fail super! everyone laughed at her =)

*MrsMartinez* 12:10 PM  

I was in Trinoma also last Sunday ; )

justice 4:14 PM  

baka iba kintakutan haha

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