Dress Up in Style

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Do you ever think of dressing up your vehicles? Are you contented with just a stock one, meaning you don't do or add anything to make it more beautiful? Before the husband buys a vehicle, he would normally look for accessories he can put to make it more attractive. I don't know if you are like him. But there are just some who are not content with just the stock one. I don't have anything against making the vehicle attractive as long as there is use to it. Take for example this tonneau cover for truck. When the husband purchased a truck years back, I was so against putting a cover. I thought of the money that will be spent buying it. I didn't see the use at first. But my mind was opened when I saw with my two eyes how those robbers took the stuff that were placed in the truck bed. Then it came to mind, oh it's gonna be for security. I wouldn't want all my stuff disappearing from the bed. It wouldn't be of use too if we don't put anything on it. The initial reason why we bought the truck was to put some stuff to carry around in case there will be repairs to be done. It would also be a big help when there are things that won't fit in the car. In other words the truck would carry around heavy and big stuff, well that's what it's made for, right?


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