How Would You Invest?

Monday, July 19, 2010

What do you think are the reasons why people buy gold coins? For one, the value of gold never depreciates, in fact it appreciates. Another reason is you can easily dispose of it whenever the need arises. My FIL once told me that buying gold is really a wise investment. He went into this a couple of years back and look where it has gotten him now. He is a living example that is why I really recommend investing in gold. If you have extra money that you do not need at the moment, instead of putting it in the bank where the interest rates are very low, why not invest in gold? Don't be scared, like I said it can easily be disposed of, and it can double your investment in no time.


Anonymous,  1:24 AM  


justice 5:22 PM  

in the office, we buy gold too.
paper loses its value but not this one :-) so your FIL is doing the right thing with his extra moolah :-)

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