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Thursday, July 15, 2010

The husband is really very good when it comes to vehicles. He has a lot of ideas on how to dress up all vehicles. Give him a bus and he can make it beautiful, that's how good he is. We always get praises for our rides. Whenever we are on the streets of the metro, we turn a lot of heads. This is so because he took time to dress up our vehicles, and he does that not only to make it beautiful but he sees to it that whatever he adds will be useful.

Let's take for example truck bed covers, I really didn't see the need to have it. He insisted on putting it to keep robbers away. True enough, I've seen robbers do it while the trucks stop on a red light. They get everything they can and they are fast. All we can do is just look, I'm glad that the husband insisted on putting fold a cover. Now that's what you call style and security in one. This is very helpful really. There's another thing I like about truck covers that you can fold. You need not worry about the height of the things you put in the truck bed. All the stuff that fits, you can actually put and just pull down the cover. For other stuff that doesn't fit, you can actually fold the cover to accommodate it. Just secure it a bit and no worries. I really suggest for all truck owners to have folding truck bed covers, you don't see the need now, but I tell you, you really need it.


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