Dry Clean is Too Expensive

Saturday, September 25, 2010

I showed that F21 dress to the daughter and she immediately liked it. Since she already knows that size S would fit her, we immediately proceeded to the cashier to pay. When we got home, she told me that the dress was made of silk. I know it was so silly of me not to have noticed. Had I known, I wouldn't have suggested that she buys it since we will be having problem with the washing. We all know that you do not hand wash silk fabric. Of course I won't be spending much money to have it dry cleaned every time she uses it. It would turn out the dry cleaning service would be more than the worth of the dress which is not really practical. There should be a way, dry cleaning wasn't available during the olden time and I'm sure there was silk available already. Ok, google, google! Tada I found a remedy. I have not tried it yet as I am still recuperating from an illness. Gosh I make it sound like it's terminal. No people, it's just a simple cough coupled with colds. Oh, I'll let you know about the remedy once I'm done with it. Hopefully it works!


Zezebel 11:06 AM  

How do you clean silk before dry cleaning services exist girlie?

HiPnCooLMoMMa 11:15 AM  

use cold water with a very mild liquid detergent. I use Perwoll =) . deep it a few seconds a few times but never wring the cloth. do not put under the heat of the sun, air dry prolly in a covered place.

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