A Gel Fireplace

Saturday, September 18, 2010

I bet it starts to get colder in the US. Now I worry about my sister because she mentioned that her fireplace is busted. I haven't talked with her for about a week, and the last time we talked I forgot to ask about it. She needs it I know, more so the kids. I don't know if she knows about these Gel Fireplaces. I gotta mention this to her when we talk. Hopefully I don't forget. I think she'd like it. I know her, she's very practical. She'd like the fact that it's portable too. She can transfer it from one place to another.

I will also mention that they have Outdoor Gel Fireplaces. Honestly this is the first time I heard about such thing. Pardon me but I live in a tropical place so there's no way we use such stuff. I couldn't be bothered for all you know. Anyway I think she would be interested in it too since they are fond of staying outdoors. I haven't really seen her place yet but based on the photos I saw, she really has a beautiful backyard. She can always entertain her guests there too.

I know she's going to ask me about Gel Fuel. Since this is basically new to me, I did a little reading on what this is. It's actually pure alcohol, its non-toxic and it's environmentally friendly. It's doesn't give off unpleasant odor too. I think my other sister would like this too, I am not just sure if she needs a fireplace.


Zezebel 11:27 PM  

This look nice. I want this too. Hehehehe....

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