My Precious Gold Coin

Thursday, September 02, 2010

One day my FIL came to the house showing us some gold coins. I think he had four on his palm. Then he started telling us how he got hold of those gold coins. I'm sorry but I don't exactly remember his story. I think it used to be a US coin and he was able to save it. He said that it was 24k solid gold and you know what? He handed me and the hubby a gold coin each. At first I couldn't believe that he was giving it to me. I know he values those coins too much for it to be disposed just like that. Then he told me to give it to the kids when they are a bit older. I'm keeping it right now and plan to show it to the kids. I hope they value it as much as how their grandfather has valued it. My FIL mentioned too that if we have extra money and want to invest on something, gold will be a very wise decision. If you look at it's history, I mean in terms of prices, you will notice that there wasn't a time that the price have dropped. It either remains the same or goes up.


acey 2:45 PM  

cool father in law! :D

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