Stop Stuffing Food in your Mouth!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Oh my goodness! I keep on complaining that I don't lose the extra weight, and sometimes I still add a pound or two. Yes I do some aerobic exercises but it doesn't solve the problem. I keep on forgetting how to suppress appetite, which I think should go hand in hand with my daily cardio exercise. See I don't have any reason to complain as I don't really have the discipline. I really should find ways and means to suppress this big appetite of mine. Any suggestions people? I'd really appreciate it.


Jennifer is Always Sick 12:00 AM  

I am always snacking at night. I can't help myself. There needs to be a late night snackers anonymous or something, or something else I can do while winding down. I think I just need something to do with my hands. I need to break out my cross stitch again to keep myself from snacking before bed. What is it about the sun going down that makes me crave sweets? lol

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