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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

I love the look of my bathroom. I actually made sure that it would look like something out of the pages of a home magazine. I also admired the bathrooms in the hotels that we go to. In a hotel room, the first thing that I check is the bathroom. I know I have an obsession for bathrooms, I don't know but I just want mine beautiful. When we were constructing our house, I made sure that I picked from these bathroom mirrors. Of course I didn't want to go for mirrors that would give me "distorted" images. Believe it or not but there are mirrors that are like that, I mean poor quality. Good thing the vanity mirrors I picked for each room were all nice and of good quality. My daughter particularly liked hers. It is a very simple beveled one. Again I got the idea from one hotel we went to. See, I'm really very observant. I do take note of all the details that I see. How about you, do you do the same thing that I do? If you don't have time to go around and check the latest, you can check on these bathroom vanity wall mirrors I found online. Seriously I find a lot of nice stuff online, I'm an internet junkie, you know!


Kidberries 8:30 AM  

Great info. Thanks for sharing...

Zezebel 1:42 PM  

Girl without a mirror.., I think I will be going crazy without them. Hehehehe....

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