Cookie Day

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

We had time to bake some cookies. The kids didn't have school. We decided to make 3 batches. First batch was done by Josh, of course with my help since it was his first time. He wanted to use the mixer but I didn't allow it. He has to do it manually so it's going to be a memorable first. It turned out ok, in fact it tasted good. Next batch was done by Ish. I left her to do it by herself since she had baking lessons one summer already. I had to rescue because she didn't do it right. Anyway I reminded her the proper way to do it. It turned out ok too. Then came my batch. I was already tired at this time because I had to help them, plus the fact that I had to prepare dinner. We had baked ribs, french fries, salad with ranch dressing and mushroom soup with barley. Again the family can never thank me enough for preparing such treat.


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