My First Motorcycle Ride

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I still vividly remember. I was 12 years old when I had my first motorcycle ride. It was almost midnight, my last day from that place because we were moving the following day. I remember it being awful. I was not even wearing one of these motorcycle helmets. I know I am crazy, it's a good thing I didn't meet an accident at that time, if not I can never forgive myself for being stupid. You know how 12 year olds are, they just do what they think is fun. Yeah I know riding the motorcycle was fun. I wanted to try it very much. I also liked the outfit that went with it. Of course I was excited to learn, and the motorcycle boots, I wanted to own one. Yeah more than the ride it was the outfit. I think the ride was just secondary. I'm crazy right? But then I didn't like it. I got the biggest scare of my life. I wasn't probably ready at that time, it was nauseating that I was screaming my lungs out. The guy probably noticed that I was so scared that he made the ride all the more scary, like he was at some race or something. Really I couldn't forget that night. If I didn't get scared, I'd probably be wearing one of these nolan helmets, since it's required by law to wear something like that when you are in a motorcycle. I had to overcome the fear. I tried riding again, and it was ok, this time I was the only one. It was a different thing, and I'm happy that I've conquered the fear. But honestly, I haven't conquered the fear of riding with someone in a motorcycle just yet.


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