Box It Up

Monday, March 05, 2012

Are you moving any time soon? If you are, then let me share with you my experience on moving. I will never do the same mistake again. I didn't hire a mover, we did it on our own. We didn't even have the proper boxes for all the stuff. I know, call me el cheapo and I wouldn't disagree. I have learned my lesson though and I promise never to do the same mistake again. If ever we will move again, I'll make sure that I will order Cheap Moving Boxes for all the stuff that need to be boxed. Yes, there are affordable moving boxes that are available. Don't be like me, I skipped buying boxes thinking it was expensive. I never thought that it could be this cheap. Had I known, I could have avoided breaking a lot of stuff during the move. Not only that, I was forced to fix the house right away because of the things I see everywhere. Can you imagine the stress that I went through. I could have stored some stuff in these boxes for moving and probably put it out later when everything is in proper place. It would have been a very organized move. It helps a lot when it's an organize one because moving itself is already a headache, how much more if it wasn't done properly, right? Like I said, I learned my lesson already. Next time I will not have second thoughts of buying those boxes, anyway I can still use it after the move. It's going to be worth it especially if it's put to good use.


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