Blue Lane

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

If you happen to cruise in a highway, you will notice that there are two blue lines in one of the lanes. This is called the motorcycle lane. It was implemented a few months back due to a lot of vehicular accidents. Now I'm glad that they have added a new one and this is with regards to helmets. This time there is a prescribed one and if you don't fall in the requirements you wouldn't be given a seal of approval. I was curiouos even though I don't own a motorcycle, I went ahead and looked for what was prescribed. Through the course of my search I stumbled upon these hjc helmets sale and indeed covers all that is required. So for those people who are still on the look for a sturdy one, go ahead and check it out. Helmets are important because it protects the most important part. As they say never take it for granted.


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