Tarzan...Do you Remember?

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Photobucket The hubs went with me one time to Divisoria. He wanted to buy sets of cloth to be made into a suit. Part of his agenda was to buy hangers too. In other words we went our separate ways because I too had a different agenda. When we met in the agreed place, he was happily showing me a few pieces of Tarzan. To those ones who do not know what Tarzan is, it's a bubble gum quite popular when we were kids. Oh don't ask me when was that, but just to give you an idea, kids this generation do not know what it is anymore. Hehe, I gave it away but not as old as you think. Anyway, on my next trip to Divisoria I bought him 18 packs. Crazy, right? Well I just want to make him happy, as simple as that.


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