Playing Badminton with Josh

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Josh has been playing every afternoon for an hour at the 4th floor (supposedly our badminton court, but still unfinished). I even joined them one afternoon coz I heard their voices and they were having so much fun. I really didn't intend to play that afternoon. But seeing them having a great time, I joined them, too lazy to change into the correct footwear. Too scared to play in my havaianas, I played barefoot (yeah call me cheapskate or something). The result? I had blisters...hmmmp I didn't like to destroy my havaianas you know :)

Seeing how Josh enjoyed, I invited him to go play at the court he is making it a regular thing. I'm just waiting for him to tell me that he again wants to be trained (we enrolled him in 2004 but only finished half of the training as we were scheduled to have a vacation).

See how my darling boy's soooooo serious about his fitness program...will he lose weight?


Me: what is it babe?
Josh: oh never mind Mom...i heard you sigh (which I did), maybe I asks too many questions.

It has always been this way (not the sigh part), whenever we're in the car, Josh talks non-stop. Occasionally he's being joined by his sister Ish. They sound like tweeting birds. I used to tell them, hey I can't concentrate on my driving, can you please lower your voice or just give me some peace and quiet til we reach the place?


Josh: what's a virgin Mom?
Me: person who didn't have sex yet (I assumed he knows about the sex part)
Josh: oh so that makes me a virgin, and I guess i'm gonna be a virgin forever.
Me: and why do you say that?
Josh: because I don't want to have annoying kids, just like me! he figured he can get annoying sometimes huh =)


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