"Child Stress"

Monday, August 13, 2007

My son Josh has this habit of dropping by our room before he goes to bed. Aside from the good night kiss he gives us, he has another agenda. He wants his nightly massage either from me or from Nelson.

Every after each massage, my husband would say to me, "Why does he want a massage every single night?" to which he answered his own question. "Ah maybe he's relaxed when we're giving him a massage." So I told him, why don't you ask? So one night after giving him his massage, he asked my son, "Josh why do you want us to massage you every night?" Child stress is his reply. I do get child stress too Dad! I nearly fell off the bed *gasp*, and I said, what child stress are you talking about? He said school stuff. That kept me thinking, because looking at my son, he seemed to not have child stress at all. He excels at school with minimal prodding. I only ask him to study whenever he has seatworks and quizzes and normally it takes us only 15 minutes. He can remember what was taught in class. To satisfy my curiosity about that child stress thingy (me and husband agreed that we never had child stress before) I searched the net for signs that could indicate if your kid is truly undergoing child stress.

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Mummy to QiQi 8:40 PM  

maybe at their age, they got their level of stress, i remember i do when i was young....so much, haha!

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