Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I was sitting my butt out in front of the lappy waiting to grab some "bigtime" Opps. Yeah my eyes were really wide open, fingers busy refreshing the page every 5 seconds and soooooo excited. Who does not want to earn moolah anyway? My son came to the room to have his usual massage. And since his dad was already sleeping, he requested me to massage him instead. And I was like, nah, sorry I can't give you a massage tonight...not tonight baby...Mom's working! He was quite insistent, but I ignored him just the same. And I said something like, mommy's gonna earn big time here and I'm gonna give you 100 dollars if I get it. Bad mommy, tsk, tsk. Nope, he was not attracted to the green bucks but said, "Mom, you love me right? Are you not going to give your poor little boy the much needed massage? Are you replacing me with all that money you are talking about?" Ouch! OMG! Oh yeah, I did not think of that. All I was concerned about is grabbing the moolah. I am ashamed of myself, really. I gave him a massage right at that instant. And he was like apologetic for making me miss that chance. Funny how he said, "Never mind Mom, there will be a lot more chance of earning that 1k, but if it would be like 2 million, then suit yourself, go ahead and stay all night waiting for that opportunity."


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