Boy Magnet

Thursday, November 01, 2007

I often hear Josh call/refer to his sister as “boy magnet”. It’s like when I admire Ish with anything, next the words that will come out of Joshua’s mouth would be “boy magnet”. While we were having lunch awhile back I asked him what “boy magnet” means. And he was like, “Duh! Mommy it’s the things that you do that attracts boys. You know, like how you fix your hair, the clothes that you wear.” I suddenly fixed my hair “Isha Style”, then said, like this Josh? Do I qualify? And he was like… “For the love of …Noooooo, you are already married!” Haha, as if I don’t know that. What’s funny, their Dad reacted, saying “No boy magnet for you, you are married.” DUH!


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