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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hubby has been to France already but he has not really seen much. He only spent two days in Paris because he had to be back to Manila for yet another wedding coverage. He actually had a wedding coverage in Spain, and that's the reason why he was able to see Paris. He stayed in one of the Paris Hôtels, and contrary to what many people believe, it's quite affordable he says. He promised to bring us all there and this time we just have to explore France more. I'd love to be able to visit Bordeaux. I want to enjoy the best tasting wine. I know I am uber excited since I already looked for places to stay. There are a lot of choices of Bordeaux Hôtels to choose from. While in France, of course we wouldn't miss visiting the oldest city which is Marseilles. Again here are some Marseilles Hôtels where we could stay. We might consider putting Toulouse in our itinerary and where else is the best place to stay? Of course only at these selected Toulouse Hôtels.

We could have another option too. Maybe we can rent some car and drive around France. I don't think it would be hard since France has a well developed system of highway. Most freeway links are toll roads, and for me it means only one thing. The roads are just smoother, hassle free and well maintained. Oh I shouldn't forget about renting only small cars, roads in France seem narrow. That's what I see in the movies. I also love the idea that there are plenty of hotels for road travellers. That means it's not that hard to be looking for accommodations even while travelling on road.


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