Taylor Swift Shorts

Sunday, February 28, 2010

We call it the TS shorts (Taylor Swift) after we saw her wearing something like that in a movie. Yeah we (me and my daughter) want that or probably something similar to that will do. It's cute and looks like it's comfy to wear. I was able to purchase actually and you'd see us often wearing it like we don't have any other shorts. Can you blame us?

That shorts can be purchased at the GAP website.


I Want Another One!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I want to buy another pair of rubber shoes for my aerobics class. The one that I have now is ok, but I feel like it does not give me the support I need when I use it to do aerobics routine. Of course I have been on the lookout, be in the internet or while out in the malls and look what I found? It's the skechers shape ups! Everything that I want is included in the description plus a few bonus. I think I would go for this already and the style is really cute plus the color combination, WOW!


What Colon Cleanse Can Do

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I don't know but lately I have been very concerned about the health of the family. I have been doing a lot of readings on how to improve it. It's probably the "scare" when I hear people getting sick of this and that and I would automatically look for articles on how to avoid getting sick. I would read that getting rid of the toxins in the body which is accumulated in the colon really helps a lot. There are a lot of benefits of colon cleansing. One benefit that I am interested in is weight loss. I need not further explain why :P


Wii Fit Plus

Monday, February 15, 2010

Finally I was able to purchase my Wii Fit Plus. I should have waited for the 3rd gen to come out, I heard it's black. Anyways I am just happy that I have it now. On days that I can't come to my aerobics class, Wii Fit Plus it is! I don't have any reason to stay lazy just to keep in shape, everything is within reach already, my Wii Fit Plus, the treadmill and the stationary bike.


Remove Acne Scars

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Acne scars...eeewwww! I suffered from those and it was really disgusting. People would stare at me and would give me this certain look that made me really mad. It was a look that says, hey I don't want anything to do with you. I wish I knew about acne scar removal at that time so I didn't have to go through a terrible experience. Now it's my son's turn, he's really got those big acne. It's a good thing that I was able to bring him to the dermatologist right away otherwise he would go through what I went through.


Orlando Would be Nice for the Summer

Friday, February 05, 2010

Theme parks everywhere, very good weather, nice beaches. Did I say theme parks? Haha I sound like my daughter who is addicted to theme parks. She can spend 3 days straight doing nothing but trying all the rides. Next time we visit the US, I should include vacation in Orlando to our itinerary. I'll try and save up for it already since I'm pretty sure that we'll be staying in a hotel or in a villa probably. It's free to dream right? I don't know, we've been to the US but we still want to go back. I wish it was closer to the Philippines so we wouldn't be spending that much.


My Cafe

I haven't given up Cafe World, I dunno but I really enjoy playing FB games. I have promised myself time and again that I would limit my presence in FB but I just couldn't give it up. I have to try probably but then again I know I'm addicted. Whenever I'm out of the house and whenever there is free wifi, I would take out my phone and do FB mobile. See how addicted I am! Bad, bad, it has taken most of my activities including reading. I hope to get back to reading in fact I started it already. I am so ashamed of myself, I'm not even a quarter done!


Available Jobs in Philadelphia

Both my sisters live in Philadelphia. When I visited them a few years back, in one of our conversations, I asked them about Philly's economy and the availability of jobs. They said everything was ok. When the rest of the world got into recession I asked them again about economy and stuff. This time they said that they were a little affected. Now these city of philadelphia jobs would really be a great news to them. Not that they lost their jobs or anything, but I'm sure they know of someone who is in need of a job and this thing that I just shared will really come in handy.


Fitness Thingy

I'm glad that almost everyone I know is getting serious with their fitness thingy. When you go to the gym, it's packed. Even my aero class is packed. This is probably the reason why I enjoy going to my aerobics class, it's fun doing hi lo, step, hip hop and yoga with them. I hope I get the results I am hoping for. Of course aside from staying fit, part of my aim in enrolling in an aerobics class is to lose some weight. If I can't achieve it there, then it's probably time to seek the best weight loss supplement. I heard it works well especially if you exercise.


Sebastian's Ice Cream Siomai

The first thing we did after Ish got back from her 4 day retreat was to go to Mall of Asia to get her favorite food. Poor Darling Doll, she was starved. You know how it is when you go to retreats, you can't almost stomach the food. Ish is not really used to eating out or buying food. We'd eat out occasionally but she picks the restaurant. Anyway, we had Yellow Cab Pizza, a comfort food for her then had that ice cream siomai as dessert. You eat it fondue style, dip it in rich chocolatey goodness, so yummy(ly) sinful!


She's Now Ready to Drive

Monday, February 01, 2010

I don't have car insurance. I had it only for a year and that was way back in 2003. I'm glad that I didn't figure in car accidents. Now that my daughter wants to learn how to drive and she wants to use my car when she goes to college, her Dad suggested that we get insurance this time. I found this discount auto insurance online and I'm hoping that I can find the exact coverage that I found. I wish we had that kind of site that offers insurance quotes for free. I'm not sure though if we don't have it. The normal practice here in my country is to e-mail the quotes or probably discuss it over a cup of coffee at the company's office. It would really be convenient if we can just get quotes and be able to compare it online.


Cancer Causing Asbestos

Now I remember seeing this billboard on my way to my Mom's house. It's a warning on the possible effects when you are exposed to asbestos. Did you know that exposure to asbestos causes cancer? Normally the companies you work for that engage in this kind of business will not tell you that exposure to asbestos will do harm to your body. No wonder a lot are hiring this mesothelioma lawyer so that in one way of another they can claim whatever is due them. The amount will come in handy for their treatment. Many are not aware too that sometimes the illness they get comes from their line of work. It's best that you are duly represented since these lawyers are experts in this field. We all know that certain companies do not really claim full responsibility to what happens to their employees.


Salad Once a Week

I serve the family salad once a week. I'm glad that I have trained the kids to eat salad. It's not really common to be serving salad on the Filipino table. I don't know, but to us it's not. Anyway what started this thing is our consciousness to stay fit and healthy. We all know that veggies more than anything else is the healthiest to eat. I want it included in my family's diet. So far so good, they've been eating! The problem is I need to serve it with different dressings. I constantly look for yummy dressings in the internet and sometimes I invent my own especially when one of the ingredients is not available. What you see in the photo is an adaptation of the Thai salad. My son says it has an exotic taste referring to the dressing probably ^_^


Graduation Present

My daughter Ish will graduate from High School this March. Two years ago she asked for a US vacation as graduation gift. She mentioned too that she wants Florida as her destination. She's been to the USA twice already but has not been in that part of the US. I know the reason why she wants Florida. Theme Parks!!! She can't get enough of those rides. I remember her spending 2 days at Disneyland in California and yet she still want to go back. Now I'm thinking, if the plan pushes through I mean of spending vacation in Florida, we might as well check out one of these orlando vacation homes. There's four of us so I think a villa would be great. If ever this would be the first time we'll be staying in a villa because normally we check-in at hotels. Thinking about it makes me excited. Hopefully everything pushes through.


Are You Fit?

Maybe you all know already that I went back to the gym, not to lift weights though but I joined their aerobics class. I quit dancing seven months ago and look what happened to me now, I am 21 lbs. heavier. I didn't do anything in that seven months but to sleep and eat. We have this fitness equipment here at home but I just stared at it. I didn't have the energy to use it or should I say I was too lazy to do it. Now it has taken it's toll. Good thing I realized early that fitness is really important to one's body. I'm glad that I am enjoying every bit of my aerobics class and I have quite adjusted to the routine already.


Read When I'm Gone

I've been bad. I wanted that planner so bad that I had to make a promise that I'd be religious in writing down everything. I was good for the first two weeks, but now I missed 3 days in a row. I would still want to be true to my promise of jotting down details of my life for my daughter to read when I'm gone. By reading each and every entry, she would now understand certain things, why it was needed to be done, etc. I'm not monied, so that is my "pamana" (inheritance) to her.


Insurance Leads

I better share this with my SIL. She has been in the insurance field for a long time already and I'm sure she's going to be excited when I tell her what I found online. I really don't know how she markets her products but I'm sure these life insurance leads will be a great help to her. She's been one of the top agents and I'm sure with these leads she will remain on top.



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