A Make Believe

Monday, May 31, 2010

One more week and we're off to the beach. We have our plane tickets already, our room booked and I still can't fit in my bikini. Seriously I need to buy a new one. It's so impossible to go back to a zero unless I do this quick weight loss thing. But I doubt if it can be done in a week's time. I should have thought about it a month ago, at least I wouldn't look this big and I wouldn't look preggers at all. Oh I can pretend to be preggers you know, it's the quickest way to avoid any more nasty questions.


Aero Boxing

I was out the whole day and I was even late for my aerobics class. I was greeted by the receptionist on the door and told me that the aerobics instructor was absent. They found a substitute, a boxing instructor actually. He mixed aerobics with boxing and I like it. Although it was a bit tiring, I will still do it if he teaches again. I am new to boxing and I don't have the correct form yet. One of the girls even commented that I turned the exercise into dancing, I think I did it gracefully *grin. And yeah when I checked myself in the mirror, indeed it was a graceful move compared to the instructor. But I want to learn the true form. Well give me a session or two, by then I will be able to get it right, hopefully.


Disgusting Acne

Sunday, May 30, 2010

I think I already shared a hundred times about my love affair with acne. I always want to talk about it because I think I am a success story. Nope I don't have acne scars/marks simply because I took care of my face. Now my son starts having acne too and good thing I didn't have a hard time dragging him to the dermatologist. It's now controlled and he has to apply some topical meds. For those ones who are still suffering from acne, you can probably check the best acne face wash. This should be part of your regimen. I'm telling you now, you need to be religious about the regimen prescribed by your doctors if not you will never get rid of that acne and it's disgusting.


Hire a Professional

Friday, May 28, 2010

We've moved three times already since I got married. All these times I didn't hire a professional mover. We did it ourselves and I tell you, it's a wonderful experience NOT! I remember having sleepless nights all because I wanted to finish the work. There was tension everywhere in the house. I was always mad and even the littlest thing would make me mad. That's probably because I was too tired from all the packing. I didn't have a system these professional movers have. Do you know the reason why I didn't hire a mover? I thought it was expensive. Initially it would appear like it is based on the figures that you will see. But just like me after every move, after the computations and all, it appeared that hiring a mover is just a little bit expensive. But I tell you, the amount that you save is not worth the hassle, the tension that you'll encounter once you do the moving yourself. Not only that, there's a chance that some things get broken. Of course when you hire movers, they pack it in moving boxes specifically designed to secure things. When we do the moving ourselves, we just get some boxes and stuff everything until it's filled. We all know that that is not the way things should be done. This is the reason why accidents happen along the way. It's really different when a professional is doing it. They have all the experience needed plus they get your stuff packed and delivered safely to your new home.


Lost Chance


I was this close to visiting Banaue Rice Terraces, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. I actually invited myself to join my aunt who has a board meeting at Solano, Nueva Viscaya, an hour and a half away from the Banaue Rice Terraces. I was all set to leave, but then I had to finish some online tasks which were already due. I beg off because I don't think there is internet connection in my Aunt's house. I'm actually sad having to pass up the opportunity, I will just wait for another one anyway my aunt attends the board meeting once in three months.


How Tall Are You?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

"I need the height Momma!" I normally hear that from my daughter. I didn't expect my daughter to be that short, well she's not really short but I wanted her to be taller than me. Right now I am taller by 3 inches and I know that she really wants to grow taller. I wonder if these hgh releasers can help us solve her problem. She'd be the happiest really if this could add to her height. She's turning 17 and actually I've lost hope already that she'd still grow taller. In the articles that I've read, once the girls start to menstruate they grow 1 or 2 more inches after which they achieve their adult height at probably age 14. But you know, I'm still hoping that she'd grow a little taller.


Get a Degree Online

Are you frustrated just because you were not able to finish college? There are a lot of reasons why a person has not added a degree on his name. For one, school causes conflict with their work schedule. Some people have to work just to be able to send themselves to school. I am one lucky person because my parents sent me to school. I really admire those people who study and work at the same time. You need not struggle when it comes to schedules anymore since you can try this best online degree. You can work on it anytime and any place. This online university is the answer to your low paying job. Let's face it we cannot really have the kind of job that we like if we aren't degree holders.


Baklava for Dessert

She ordered Apricot Baklava for dessert. I've read about Baklava in a friend's blog and I promised myself that I have to taste it one day. I'm not sure about it's origin but I read that this dessert is very popular in Turkey. Anyway Baklava is a sweet pastry made of layer and layers of paper thin dough filled with chopped nuts and in our case it was mixed with a bit of apricot. I'd say it's really yummy and I would love to have it again and again. I hope to find a restaurant near my place that serves Baklava so I can get my fix anytime. Why don't you try it yourself, it's yummy!


Bora...Here We Come

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"Mom, I think you gained weight again. Look at your b**bs and that booty of yours," says my daughter one time. I gained weight yet again. I gained back what I lost. It's time to think about weight loss again. I still have about a little more than a week before our Boracay trip. Yeah I can still do it, well I'm not actually aiming for a really flat tummy or a six pack abs, a few inch off the waist will do. Time for my salad, only salad, and I will never say what about the carbs or the protein my body needs. Let's see if this will work, again I am crossing my fingers.


Future Family Room

We have an extra room in the house big enough to be made into a family room. Right now I can't really set it up just yet because of budget constraints. But I already have an idea what to do with it. I am planing to put in modern furniture, only modern furniture and nothing else. It's going to be a modern room, not something dated. Can you imagine what the room will look like? I do, I'll transform it to something you see on the pages of a modern architecture mags. We need to work harder though, or a win in a lotto will do just that *cross fingers.


Gold Vs. Silver

Friday, May 21, 2010

SIL invited me to go with her to Gold's Gym one time. Honestly I love the place, a far cry from the gym I go to. For one, the ambiance is really nice, the a/c is working fine, in fact you don't feel like it's 37 outside, the gym does not have a foul smelling odor, no foul smelling odor, oh did I just say foul smelling odor? Yeah, ours does not have a pleasing smell, smells like body odor when you go inside and it makes me barf. Seriously I don't breathe when I enter, as much as possible I run going to the dance studio. Nope the nose is still not immune at this time, I don't think it will. But once inside the dance hall, you feel like you're in another planet, you don't smell those men (pardon me but majority are men in different nationalities).

I was this close to accepting SIL's invitation. But when I think about the distance, this makes me think twice. You see my gym now is just a 5-minute drive from our house, while Gold's Gym is about 20-30 minutes depending on the traffic. Gold's Gym is situated in an area where there are lots of restaurants, and a few minutes away from the mall. This means that I might be spending more not only on gas but on food and what not. This is what made me decide to stick to my old gym. I will just bring a laundry clip to put on my nose to avoid the bad smell.


He's Busy Playing

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Haha, the computer is all mine! I need not beg, I can use it anytime. Know why? It's summer time here and the owner of the computer has a new playstation 3 game. He plays online too and he's got friends. He forgot about the computer temporarily,until when? I don't know. Hopefully he still gives me my computer time, if not I will be forced to buy my own. But knowing my son, he'll surely share but on a limited time.


Miss Those Days

I remember the days when I used to man our store/studio a few years back. I had all sorts of experiences. There were polite customers, there were also rowdy ones. I can never forget those scary ones. Scary in the sense that you'd get the feeling that they will harm you. You can't blame me for feeling that way, we were situated in a place where there were a lot of happenings. Anyway, I remember too that people kept coming back to buy Batteries. At the back of my mind, I was wondering what they were doing with the batteries. It turned out we were selling it cheap and they in turn sell it too. I wonder what would be the sales of Procell Batteries if ever we sold one. I heard that it is an excellent battery and it sells at a cheaper price. I'd probably get dozens of orders if that's the case. Too bad our store/studio closed. It broke my heart, but what can we do? It can't be self supporting at that time. I'd rather close it than get funds somewhere else, not a wise decision. Oh I miss those days. It kept me occupied and took away my boredom. Given the chance I would want to have a store again, but this time I'd be selling things that I love, yeah clothes.


Looklet - Look: Boyish Frills

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Looklet - Look: Boyish Frills That's what I call the look. It was actually my daughter Ish who introduced me to this website. It's like polyvore but this one has models. I just wish that they had a plus size petite model so I would know how the clothes would look on me. Hhhm, maybe I can suggest that to them anyway it's still in it's beta version. What do you think? IMO models should come in different shapes and sizes.


Prenatal Vitamin List

Saturday, May 08, 2010

How important is it to take vitamins when your pregnant? It's very important I tell you. That's the first thing the OB GYN will ask you to do after she sees you. I do not remember anymore if I took one of these prenatal vitamins when I was pregnant. Man that was 14-16 years ago, too long to remember. But what I know is I was given the best prenatal vitamins. The husband saw to it that I had the best. We both wanted to have healthy babies and in order to have healthy babies, mothers should take extra care of themselves especially when they are pregnant.


Pepper, Our Black Labrador

That's Pepper our new dog. I wanted so much to have a black Labrador and when the husband found someone selling it he asked me to check the dog out. At first I didn't like him coz he had spots, turned out he was shedding. Honestly I love a grown up Labrador, not a puppy. I can't wait for Pepper to grow up. Another thing, I know it's so hard to house train a dog, but I'll do my very best. Wish me luck please. I will update you from time to time on my progress with my beloved Peh-pah.


I'm Overweight, So What?

I don't really get offended if someone makes a comment that I am fat. But when it's done obviously to piss me off, sometimes I get offended already. There are just people who don't have anything nice to say. There are people who are genuinely concerned and there are those out there to annoy. Sometimes I am tempted to check on these discount diet pills especially on times that I feel bad, like it's a sin to be fat or anything.


Body Acne?

I wasn't sure if what I saw at my son's back is body acne. I brought him to the dermatologist and indeed it is. I'm now looking for a perfect acne body wash for him to use. I don't know if the body acne has something to do with the diet because the husband has it too. It's probably the heat that's causing it, or I don't know. I need the body wash pronto, it's not a sight to behold, plus they scratch all the time.


Sensing the Youth through Shirts

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Analog Soul designs for Yo!Noy campaign

‘Yo!’ by definition is a slang word used as a greeting or to call somebody’s attention. Yo!Noy! is doing just that: calling out to people. What a way to make themselves more heard than with wearing their expressions! The group partnered with retail clothing brand Analog Soul to do just that.

Analog Soul is a Filipino retail clothing and accessories company that embraces the creativity and eclectic side of the generation today. It prides itself in having a brand that provides customers as well as the artists an avenue to express themselves. This time, through their partnership with Yo!Noy, it has allowed its brand to be a vehicle of expression of the group.

Yo!Noy or Youth for Noy is a group set up by the younger generation of the Aquino family, headed by Bam Aquino, Jonty Cruz, and other youth leaders. It is an umbrella organization for youth groups across the nation to support and campaign for Senator NoyNoy Aquino. The founders consider the name as the best way to not only distinctly associate themselves with the youth, but to show that they are standing up, speaking up, and showing their support.

How does Analog Soul fit in all this?

“Analog Soul is one of the finest youth brands out today. We tapped their help as part of our goal to spread awareness. We asked the retail clothing brand to design and sell shirts centering on Yo!Noy and Senator Aquino,” starts Jonty Cruz, one of the Yo!Noy’s founders.

Migs Naguiat, Analog Soul owner, narrates, “Our partnership came about when we did a collaboration between the Benigno Aquino Foundation with IAmNinoy and IAmCory movement. Yo!Noy asked us to create a design for the youth campaign for their ‘Tito Noy’ that is in Analog Soul style.”

“Analog Soul prides itself in being an advocate of expression especially for the youth. We support the young generation to be vocal and exercise their voices, making them heard. With the election coming up, and with the initiatives of Yo!Noy, it is only evident that youth now have their “say” in what’s happening. Whether we go for a certain candidate or the other, as long as we have an opinion and we will exercise our right as members of society – that is what we hope to achieve,” Naguiat emphasized.

When you hit the stores, you will see that there are two designs that resulted from this partnership. Both were developed by Naguiat’s colleague and co-owner Paolo Lim. Who would not recognize the laban sign and the yellow ribbon? Both have become to be symbols of passion and action that are now etched into the psyche of the Filipinos. Analog Soul only gave it a youthful twist to fit Yo!Noy’s personality and the campaign. From the modern laban sign which clearly evokes the spirit of EDSA and the passion we, Filipinos, all have, and the excellent typography design of Senator Aquino’s image that just inspires action, the designs of Analog Soul really hit the mark.

Collaboration – this is how Cruz sees it. “Everyone at Analog Soul gave it their all. They listened and took in our inputs and comments, but the final output was more than we could have expected! They were nothing short of amazing,” he shared.

All Yo!Noy Analog Soul shirts are available in Analog Stores at Archeology, Rockwell Center, at the Ramp (Glorietta 4), and Trinoma. For more information on Analog Soul and visit Analog Soul at www.analog-soul.com.

About Analog Soul:

ANALOG SOUL is an apparel company that believes that sensing one’s reality – seeing, touching, tasting, hearing, smelling- is truly the way to live. Their shirts try to capture one’s expressions and emotions, striving to come up with creative, evocative, and eclectic designs that match their customer’s unique and meaningful lifestyles. Visit www.analog-soul.com.

About Yo!Noy

Youth for Noy or Yo! Noy is a group that believes in promoting youth engagement in the political process. Yo!Noy is made up of students, community youth, youth leaders, entrepreneurs and young professionals who believe that the coming elections is an opportunity to effect real change in the government. The group strives to increase public awareness on the value of the elections in determining our future and the future of the nation.


I Smell Good

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Next to bags and shoes, I love fragrances. I think I got it from Mom. She'd always smell good whenever she leaves home. Oh even at home she puts on perfume. She does not put perfume on her bath though, but I have a sister who does that. She picks one of these christian dior fragrances to put in her bath. How vain right? But it works! I copied her one time but with one of my favorite calvin klein fragrances, what a heavenly smell. Once in a while I still do that whenever I remember. I want to make it a regular thing but then again it can get expensive. Hhmm probably I should check on this site that sells colognes and perfumes at a reasonable price, maybe by then I can make it a regular thing already. What do you think?


It Needs to be Changed

I can't believe it, it's been 4 years only and now it's busted. I didn't expect that to happen since I thought we picked a durable and well known brand. I don't know but I am thinking of changing to Saniflo toilet. I just have to have it changed. Hopefully this brand will not let me down. Hopefully this can be the brand that I can trust and use whenever there is a need. I actually like their products, I love how it looks and it suits my style perfectly.


Dear Sisters

I miss my other sister (Rachel, the one in black) already. She stayed here for only 8 days and we can't seem to get enough of her. She has 2 babies to take care of so she can't stay long. Hopefully she'll be able to bring her two kids when she plans to visit again. It's about time her kids meet their cousins from my brother, and of course a little updating from my kids whom they met in 2005. I already talked with her on the phone and praise God she had a safe and smooth flight. She didn't have a hard time at the airport too. Everything was smooth sailing by God's grace.



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